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Wednesday, 20 January 2021



Add colour! Don't be terrified to wear something dazzling and fun on a rainy day. Bad weather can be disheartening, so why not go out of your way to wear something non-depressing and cute?

A cute umbrella can be an accessory. There are so many adorable and cheap umbrellas available at stores, so there's really no excuse to stick to black. Buy a couple in your favourite colours if you live in a really rainy area and use them to add colour to your look.

A classic trench coat is the all time perfect for rainy weather.

Be careful of the materials you wear in the rain. Don't risk ruining your clothes – go with rubber or protectant-treated leather shoes in the rain and leave your favourite suede handbag at home.

At the same time, don't be too anxious about a 100 per cent waterproof jacket. If you plan ahead and have your umbrella at hand, your jacket won't get wet enough for waterproofing to matter.

Go crazy when it comes to rain boots. There are so many cute rain boots out there today to fit any style – they literally come in every colour under the sun. Have fun and find a pair you love. Much like umbrellas, you can go completely nuts with your rain boots and no one will mind.

So these are some tips that will give you a unique and stylish look in the rainy season...happy monsoon.

Monday, 24 February 2020



Fashion! What's fashion?
According to the English dictionary, “fashion” means "current, popular custom or style - especially in dress / manner of doing something." If this could be taken as a yardstick, this writer cannot be considered a fashionable person – in the sense in which the word “fashionable' is understood these days - because she is an orthodox person where manner of dressing is concerned.
When I was a kid, my father told me a funny story about an Italian trendsetter in the field of fashion of women in that country. The lady while walking the street one day was surprised to see that women she encountered on her way were wearing their caps upside down. The caps being hollowed on both the top and the bottom, the top rested on their heads facing the sky. Wondering about the haphazard manner in which the women were wearing their caps, she stopped one of them and asked her about it.
The woman replied, “Madam! When you yourself, being the trendsetter, are wearing the cap upside down, what are we to do? We thought the fashion has changed and followed suit!" Feeling upon her head, the trendsetter had a hearty laugh and said, “My gosh! It was by sheer mistake and inattentiveness that I've worn it like that!” She removed the cap and put it on correctly, still laughing.
I'm citing this story only to indicate to our ladies – including young girls and women past middle-age - that they're doing ridiculous things to appear attractively in the name of upto-date fashion that has come to mean adhesives and appendages that a woman adds to her person for the purpose.
Do any of the fashionable women ponder how much of the hard-earned money and precious time that can never again be earned once spent, are wasted by them? The word "fashion” which has till recently been attributed only to women has come to be associated with men as well. They too have started to vie with women in making strenuous efforts to look more attractive than they naturally are, though not - thank goodness - doing the bizarre things that women are doing these days.
(Oddly, men follow the womenfolk only in the aspect of trying to look attractive but they seldom do so, as far as some of women's qualities that are lacking in them are concerned! Since it is human nature to succumb only to the evil in others, men are not to blame, I suppose!) Besides squandering huge sums  
of money in buying the accessories and appendages that would enhance one's appearance as well as produce youngish looks, a woman is ready to go to any funny extent in the matter. There's no denying the fact that women, in general, prefer to look younger than their years. This is the trait of women since time immemorial, but it has grown by leaps and bounds these days - thanks to various women's magazines – Indian as well as foreign ones that are easily available these days, in India.
It is strange that women do not understand that being hale and hearty by following certain restrictions in food habits, physical exercises and other things will definitely add to the glow of the skin - the face in particular, with specific reference to the eyes which are the most beautiful part in the human body. A woman with glowing skin and sparkling eyes need not go in for any sort of makeup at all! A healthy look is the most important thing in the beauty of the human body and one who has it - man or woman – need not buy cosmetics to enhance the beauty.
An interesting question arises as to who invented these fashion accessories. Obviously, it is man who invented these in order to embellish women with these!
Now the businessmen have elaborately improved upon these - not to speak of some businesswomen too - and are exploiting the weakness of womenfolk to appear more attractive and younger!
One wonders why men and women aspire to look more eyecatching than they really are. Where women are concerned, it is obviously because they do not want to lose the 'love' of their men! So, it follows that man is the culprit behind the woman's wish to look younger and more attractive.
Many years ago, an American woman told me that they had to be meticulously watchful and diligent where their looks were concerned so as not to lose their husbands to the other better looking women! She informed me that American men were crazy. They would leave their women
once they lost their looks and became obese, since they wanted their women to be slim and sleek, they would go in search of lusher pastures when their woman became fat and unsightly. She also told me that Indian men were comparatively more faithful husbands and, therefore, the American girls hunted for the Indians settled in their country! "So it is that we, American women, are always particular about preserving our youthful looks!" she concluded, letting out a bitter laugh.
These days, trendsetters of fashion are the women artistes appearing on the TV screen to advertise beauty-enhancing products. Many women fritter away their precious hours before the mirror. When a woman asked me some time ago, if I dyed my hair, I told her I'd never done it and asked her, “Why should i dye my hair when there are just a few more years for me to die – I being an old women?"
Talking of hair dyes I wonder why women take the risk of applying them composed as they are of various harmful chemicals which would damage the scalp and skin in the long run - and in the cases of some women very soon. When the atmospheric pollution and the packed foods that we're forced to eat cause various diseases nowadays, why should women invite skin diseases also upon themselves by going in for beauty products? TV advertisements play havoc and it is utter stupidity on the part of women to buy these harmful products and experiment

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