SUMMER SURVIVAL TIPS - How to cool it when it's hot

 With the mercury showing an upward trend, we are already in the throes of the sweltering summer. Each of us is battling every day with dehydration, exhaustion, prickly heat, excessive perspiration, heat stroke

and skin related problems. The rising temperatures, dry hot winds and long sweaty days are simply unbearable and your skin seems to be sucking this heat deep into your body. But don't be disheartened, here are few summer survival mantras. These tips are bound to keep you cool and comfortable in this heat.

Bathe often: When the summer heat is at peak, cools you down instantly and gives relief from the heat. Excessive perspiration is inevitable in this heat and can lead to all kind of skin infections. To keep your body cool and clean, bathe often and keep germs at bay.

Dress to refresh: Wear light coloured clothes as they reflect the heat instead of absorbing it like the dark coloured clothes. Prefer wearing cotton clothes. Cotton has a cooling effect on your body. Loose-fitting clothes will keep the body cool. Avoid polyester clothes.

Stay hydrated: The best mantra to beat the heat is to stay well hydrated. Drink plenty of water. Do not wait until you are thirsty.

Go for energising drinks: During summers, excessive sweating often leads to loss of water and other essential electrolytes. Drink fluids even if you are not thirsty. A chilled glass of fresh lemonade is great for quenching thirst and hydrating the body on a hot sunny day. Add honey, mint leaves and rock salt to the fresh lemon juice to help you replenish the lost electrolytes.

Fruit smoothies: A colourful refreshingly cool smoothie for those dog days of summer is a delicious way to get energised and cool. Prepare smoothies with fresh fruits, milk and shaved ice. Summer offers a wide range of fruits. Combine them with milk or curd to make smoothies. Mango smoothie, mango strawberry smoothie, watermelon smoothie, mango lassi etc are all great to beat the heat.

Drink coconut water: The water inside the coconut is full of goodness in this scorching heat. Low in calories, very rich in magnesium and potassium, it is ideal for staying hydrated and replenishing the lost electrolytes.

Avoid heavy, oily meals: Heavy, oily and spicy meals should be avoided during summers as they are difficult to digest. Digestion is weak in summers. Light meals are easy to digest and will not allow the heat to bog you down.

Go for water-rich fruits and vegetables: Some fruits and vegetables may hydrate your body more effectively than a glass of water. Water-rich fruits and vegetables loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are great summer foods. Not only do they hydrate you well, they also replenish the electrolytes lost due to sweating and keep you cool and healthy.

Fruits like watermelon, melons, lemons, sweet lime and oranges are all great to beat summer heat. Water-rich vegetables such as cucumber, celery, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots gourds and spinach can help you stay cool and healthy during summers and prevent you from heat exhaustion. They are low in calories; so you can indulge in eating them in large quantities without guilt.

Stay cool with fresh salads: It is summer time – time to keep the ovens cool and spend minimum time in the kitchen. Have fresh salads for solace. Combine cut pieces of cucumber, radish, carrots, tomatoes, fresh lettuce, watermelon cubes and chopped mint leaves in a bowl and sprinkle lemon juice, salt and black pepper powder. Mix well. You may add salad dressing of your choice. Cool it in a refrigerator and enjoy it with the meals or you may have it as snacks in between the meals.

Drink aam panna to prevent heat stroke

Raw mango aam panna (recipe given below is ideal to protect you from heat stroke. It is a tasty way to beat the heat. INGREDIENTS:

 2 medium-sized raw mangoes sugar to taste 1 cup fresh mint leaves (chopped) 2 tsp roasted cumin powder black rock salt to taste


Boil the raw mangoes and take out the pulp. Put the pulp along with other ingredients in a blender and blend well.

Pour in a vessel and add enough cold water to make the drink up to one litre.

You may add more water if you do not want thick consistency. You can store this in the refrigerator for two-three days.


STAY COOL • When you go out in the heat, carrying a wet towel with a few ice cubes wrapped into it is a great idea. Use the cool towel to stay cool when you feel the heat.

• Drink water before stepping out in the sun.

• Take a glass of aam panna before going out in the heat.

• Carry a bottle of cold water and drink it at intervals even if you are not thirsty.

• Carry an umbrella so that you are not exposed to the sun directly.

• Wear sunscreen half an hour before you go out.

• Use goggles to protect your eyes from the scorching heat.

• A wide rim hat will protect you from the direct rays of the sun. 

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