BEAUTY ISN'T ENOUGH - Looking good despite the rains.

 It is believed that the inner prettiness of a woman is mostly appreciated by a woman who is not gorgeous bodily can be the woman of thousands of hearts with her inner charm and fascination because a woman's greatest asset is her beauty. Contrary to this proclamation we are familiar with a famous proverb “First impression is the last impression."

In our day-to-day lives we come across so many women don't identify or have a formal connection with. At that moment we judge them by their physical beauty, outfit, make-up, accessories, etc. It is human nature that we never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful for beauty is divine. Every woman wants the art of carrying herself smartly in the male-dominant society.

The monsoon has come to free us from hot weather but we have no freedom from work and office and days out in the summer season. Do you go out far during the monsoon which will ruin your make-up all the time? Go out confidently even when it is raining cats and dogs being without concerned about your make-up. Smart use of products will make sure that make-up is in place and you look pretty even during heavy rains. In the monsoon, dense make-up has a risk of being smudged and washed out severely and so light and sheer make-up is advisable. Use waterproof mascara, transferresistant lipsticks and waterproof liners and you may even use waterproof foundation, if it is necessary for you. Here are some tips to keep you nice-looking when it is raining:

• Wash and cleanse your face thoroughly and rub an ice cube on it for five to 10 minutes to lower the sweating rate so that the make-up stays for a longer period.

• Women with oily skins can use astringents while women with dry to normal skin can use toners after applying ice to cool and refresh the skin.

• Avoid foundation and prepare the base of your make-up using powder slightly.

• A sheer film of light brown, beige, pastel or pink cream eyeshadow can be used along with a thin line of eyeliner and a coat or two of waterproof mascara. The most common slip-up is to have rains running out your mascara and eyeliner. It is the biggest make-up disaster that leaves your embarrassed. Always use a waterproof mascara and eyeliner, the best trick is to use a transparent mascara and a kajal pencil. Nowadays, you get trendy colours like aqua blue, and coral green in kajal pencils which will go perfectly with the season.

• Lip gloss is a strict no-no this season. The rains will cause it to drip. Use a lip pencil to outline your lips. Use a lip balm to give a nude look. If you still want to add colour, then go for a matt-based lipstick in browns, nude or light colours. Peaches, corals, nudes are in this season.

• Soft matt lipsticks are preferable for most ladies during the monsoon but you may use a soft brown or pink shade with sheer gloss.

• Check out for lipsticks which have long-lasting properties. Before buying, make sure they are marked as 24 hours stay and long lasting.

• Do not neglect to use water based moisturisers during the rainy season to keep away the oily skin, acne and water loss due to perspiration sweating.

• Keep your hairstyle simple and easy. You may use bangs and layered hairstyles instead.

• Bright jewellery is in vogue during the monsoon but this is the minimalist year, so you may opt for stone-studded light jewellery.

• If you must use blush, keep it light and blend it well. Cream blush in shades of pink, peach and brown can be used.

• Avoid using pressed powder in the monsoon as it can form patches on the skin. If you must use it, use it sparsely or use the loose powder.

Kohl should be avoided and water-resistant mascaras and eyeliners should be used.

• During this time, keep your eyebrows in shape with threading and hair gel as you cannot use eyebrow pencil during a downpour.

• Wash you hair regularly and massage your scalp regularly to keep dandruff and other hair problems out of your way.

• Denims are not for the monsoon; wear light cotton fabrics, capri pants and three-fourths.

• Umbrellas and raincoats are also in fashion. Buy some in cheerful, happy colours.

• White and light colours can easily get muddy, so avoid them.

• Throw your leather boots and high heels at the back and wear sneakers and sandals.

So go ahead and make people turn their heads with your new look this monsoon.

What clothes we opt for in the rainy season is also very essential. It can certainly be hard-hitting to dress for a rainy day because there are so many things to mull over. From what kind of fabric you can wear to how to stay dry without sacrificing style, dressing well when it's raining out requires a little planning in advance.

Don't worry, though. It's easier I than most people think to dress for a

rainy day. Here are some rainy-day fashion tips, as well as six outfit ideas for rainy days.

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