THE DIET TRAP - Wedding Season Body care Tips

Your wedding day is perhaps the most eagerly awaited event of your life and every bride and groom dreams of looking their best on that beautiful day. They are the cynosure of all eyes and quite naturally, they want to look their best on this occasion.
How often do you look at yourself in the mirror and despair about your weight or your lack of fitness? And how often do you think of embarking on a diet or a program that promises quick weight loss? If you have been tempted to do this, please stop right now! Crash dieting, though it gives rapid results, is more dangerous than what most people seem to understand.
To be in shape requires time and discipline. Chances are that you are busy and have little time to spare from your hectic schedules of work, shopping, socialising etc and you opt for the quickest way to lose weight and be in shape and compromise on your wellbeing in the bargain. Most people fail to realise that the secret to being fit and looking good is a simple system involving lifestyle corrections that include regular exercises and intelligent eating.
Avoid making drastic changes, have faith in your ability and strength and remain focused. Start early and give yourself three to four months time to adjust to your diet and to ensure that you stick with it. You also need to plan a comprehensive workout program that can fit into your schedule and lifestyle.


Firstly, crash diets or fad diets severely limit the intake of vital nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, good fats, vitamins, minerals, fibre etc. 
• Crash diets causes hair loss, dry skin and weak bones. . Lack of fibre in the diet leads to digestive disorders and constipation. 
• Low carbohydrate diets that are popular among dieters often lead to a condition called Ketosis - an abnormal metabolic state that causes nausea, giddiness, dehydration, weakness and other health problems. 
• Severe calorie restriction causes lowering of the body's basal metabolic rate. And after the initial weight loss, you will see a slowing down of the weight loss causing depression and loss of motivation. 
• Another serious effect is seen in lowered haemoglobin levels and development of anaemia and vitamin B-12 deficiency.

Give yourself three to four months time to adjust to your diet


Safe weight loss is the answer to tackle all these problems. The keys to healthy weight loss and sound health and wellbeing is healthy eating and regular physical activity. Sound health is a state of optimal physical, emotional, physiological and psychological wellbeing.
• Regular and productive exercises must form an integral part of your lifestyle. If time is a constraint, exercises can be done at home without the encumbrances of equipment etc. Brisk walks, taking the stairs instead of elevators, swimming etc are good forms of activities. Remember, even as little as 30 to 45 minutes a day for four to five days in the week will result in weight control and a toned body. Free hand or functional exercises, calisthenics, power yoga, yoga etc can be done under guidance regularly. 
• Make dietary changes gradually and select foods based on your preference. Focus more on eating right and on portion sizes rather than on counting calories. Long deprivation of your favourite foods will make you give up your resolve and will cause you to eat more the next day. 
• Include fresh fruits, fresh unstrained vegetable juices, vegetable, sprouts, whole grains, nuts and low fat milk/ yoghurt. 
• Drink a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Drink water before every meal. If the stomach is full with water, you will eat less. Herbal teas or warm water, vegetable soups or fresh vegetable juices are ideal

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