Tuesday, 3 March 2020

FRUIT OF THE BEL - An excellent gift of nature.

An excellent gift of nature.
Bel is also known as wood apple. Due to its quality bel is also know as the king of fruits because it strengthens the heart and mind, cures acidity, increases body resistance and
improves memory. 100 gm of bel pulp contains 31 gm carbohydrate and 2 gm protein. This ripe fruit is rich in beta-carotene. It also has significant quantity of vitamin B such as thiamine and riboflavin. It also contains vitamin C and B complex and tannin.
It is sweet, highly nutritious and healthy. It helps to improve eyesight and increases concentration power. Bel increases appetite and digestion.
Natural benefit of bel:
• Mix honey with bel pulp and eat to control excessive thirst in summer.
• Extract juice from pulp and boil it. Drinking this juice before lunch and dinner will remove excess heat from the body.
• Regular consumption of bel keeps women away from breast cancer.
 • The laxative property of bel helps to avoid constipation. Bel juice is a good remedy for digestive disorder.
• Due to its tannin it's a good cure for cholera.
• 50 gm of bel fruit juice mixed with warm water and honey is good for blood purification.
• Bel is rich in vitamin C, so its use prevents scurvy.
• To cure swelling of joints, make bel leaf paste and apply it to swollen areas.
• Chewing five-seven leaves daily on an empty stomach controls diabetes.
• To get rid of fatigue and get new energy, mix bel pulp with jaggery.
. Regular use of bel fruit is good for kidney complaints.
Bel is available from April to July. You can make a tasty cuisine from this exotic fruit.
Bel sharbat: Break open the bel and take out the pulp with the help of a spoon.
Soak the pulp in two glasses of water for two-three hours, and then sieve it to remove the seed. Add two tbsp sugar, black salt and roasted cumin seed powder and mix well. Serve chilled.
Bel pana: Roast bel and extract its pulp. Mesh the pulp, add a pinch of salt, sugar and lemon juice to taste. Mix in a blender and store it in a bottle. It can be diluted by mixing water according to your taste. This cools the body and lowers cholesterol.
Bel tea: Take four-five dried bel pieces, boil them in two cups of water on a low flame for five minutes. When reduced to half, add two tsp sugar and strain, drink it when lukewarm. It is good for clearing your stomach.
Bel murabba: Scoop out bel pulp and make pieces, remove its seed. In a large pan soak the pieces in edible chuna for two hours and drain out the water and keep aside.
Boil two cups of sugar with two cups water, add bel pieces, boil till pieces become translucent. Keep in a dry, clean jar when it is cool.
It is extremely hygienic and delicious too.

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