Most of the ladies spend their precious time in thinking on what will make them look good, what's new in the market to give them a satisfying look of their partners. But the question is why spend a fortune on expensive treatments like laser or botox and blah blah? A few changes to your daily routine can make all the difference to your skin and make you glow like your teenage days. Point is, to do what you always wanted to do, be it shopping, going for a head to toe massage, spa, go out see your friends, go out for a jog or wear your shortest clothes. Be crazy, do what you like, eventually it will come on your face, what makes you feel good, makes you look good too.
Whether it's working out in the gym or simply walking briskly to the shop, walk it out. Exercise will increase your circulation, pumping extra oxygen and nutrients to your skin. It also helps your body to manufacture collagen, reducing the risk of wrinkles. What's more, there's evidence it can combat acne. Skin cells are mostly water so your skin will stay plumper and firmer if you drink at least eight glasses a day. To combat dry skin, try upping your intake of zinc and selenium by eating more meat, fish, seeds and grain. A diet rich in fruit and vegetables will help boost your skin's ability to rejuvenate and fight off the ravages of ultra-violet light. Find your smile, whether it's striking up a conversation with an attractive stranger or introducing yourself at a party, everyone is lost for words at times. But help is at hand and it all starts with a smile. Show off your pearly whites and trust me it races a lot of hearts.
As we are spending more time in the sun and sand, beat the heat with caps, shades in different colours and sizes and before it's you better start thinking about how you treat those lovely locks but one advice refrain from putting too much of oil. Treat them nicely as they are no less than other prized amours.
With summers comes the time to show off some bit of skin. Pick up the best bright dress for the season as bright solids are in trend again, pair all bright, go for colour blocking, find a pair of slippers or heels and head out in sun. Flaunt your feminity and see many other women just staring at you. Isn't that fun? But remember to keep your skin hydrated, use good moisturizer with sunscreen. As a matter of fact, around 80% of the telltale signs of ageing, including wrinkles, are due to the effects of the sun's ultraviolet light, so don't forget your sunscreen.
But let me remind you that since it is a delicate season, always invest in a good waxing cream and using a razor is a big NO NO. It's no surprise that using razor can cause discomfort and sometimes dry the skin's delicate surface. Shaving cuts each hair at an angle, leaving a sharp edge right at the skin's surface so hair grows back rough, stubbly and much faster. Veet's Hair Removal Creams contain a new Hydro'Restor formula that helps restore skin hydration levels
and is extremely gentle on the skin. Specially formulated to break down hair shafts closer to the root, your hairs will take up to twice as long to grow back than after shaving, and skin feels more renewed and softer for longer than shaving. Let your arms and legs see the sun. Think of the envy and attention you will get
Follow these steps and you'll need only the simplest of routines at the end of each day to keep you looking good and enlighten your every day

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