How to organize your own special party

How to organize your own special party.
Partying is fun and excitingly an expression of celebration. From the preparation to the shopping to long hours spent to the parlour, nothing yo do to look good for a party seems like a chore. A little planning makes a party more fun. How? Here are some
First make the guest list and confirm acceptance. If a get-together of friends with their families is arranged, jot down the numbers in two columns – counting adults and children separately – so that the amount of food to be cooked can be planned.
• Next, prepare the menu. Introduce a new recipe only if tried at least once. If most of the invitees are vegetarians stick to vegetarian fare and throw in a chicken or mutton dish for the non-vegetarians. When it is the reverse plan at least two or three dishes for the vegetarians and arrange a separate corner or small table near the buffet table to avoid confusion.
If an elaborate table is planned, it's better to cook a few dishes a day ahead and store in the refrigerator. Desserts, cold salads, even meat,  taste better this way. There will also be plenty of time to decorate these dishes.
• Once you have decided upon your menu, write down the ingredients needed. Next to each recipe. It avoids a lot of last minute shopping and sunning around.
• If fried snacks or titbits are served with the drinks preceding dinner, arrange small paper napkins along with the tray. Messy fingers are embarrassing for both the guests and the hostess.
• Try to stick to one style of cooking. Many people mix Indian food with Chinese or continental dishes which spoil individual taste.
For example, Russian salad and pulao or chow-mein and chicken korma do not go together.
If necessary rearrange the furniture the previous day, so that there is enough seating space.
• Use plush cushions, pillows or even mats (for youngsters). This adds to the feeling of warmth and comfort.
• The music should be soothing, comforting and kept at a low volumes, gift jars, acoustic music, purely instrumental or mooden hancing CDs with sounds of the ocean, waterfalls or rain create a great atmosphere.
• Dim the lights and arrange aroma therapy candles around the room to create a pleasant ambience.
• Drinks should be refreshing such as mineral water, real fruit juices or a cocktail or mixed drink with a fruity over tone are great and refreshing alternatives.
• You can also make flower arrangements a day ahead, so that there is time for cooking and last minute sprucing up.
• Lastly, wear a big smile, relax and forget about the late-night cleaning-up. After all, you don't throw a lavish party every day.

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